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Case Studies



When we started coaching together Kip was feeling the after effects of self-isolation during lockdown and was a bit depressed. He had lost his mojo and stopped creating art, his big passion.  

He also had low self-confidence and self-belief, which impacted how he felt. He had no vision of the future, and no plan or idea on how to make his dream of working full time in his art business a reality. 

On top of that, he was stress eating at working, eating junk food to temporarily feel better, and continually gaining weight. He admitted that he was not looking after his physical or spiritual health or listening to his body’s needs. 

And even if he had a burning desire to be creating and selling art full time, he was disorganized on the home front, in his art business and his studio. 

6 months later Kip had found the joy in creating his art again, drawing some of his very best pieces. He was discovering ways to stay consistent with creating art every day by leveraging his time and his energy. He had also gotten super organized in his art business and studio. 

He gave his whole diet an overhaul and started eating much more nutritious and brain-friendly food, and is now consistently losing weight.  

He noticed that when he got stressed at work, he would reach for something crunchy, usually cookies and doughnuts. He then realized that “I don't need to eat cookies”, and successfully managed to replace them with celery and green apples, that satisfied his need for something crunchy. He had also started exercising again regularly, with morning stretching and going to the gym

He had started his spiritual journey and starting applying the spiritual principles and the laws of the universe to help him in his artwork and business. He had completely changed his morning routine to include some important new habits and raise his vibration first thing to get out ahead of that.

He went from letting his emotions run the show to using his emotions as his GPS and knowing how to manage them effectively and raise his vibration. Importantly, he had started listening to his body, responding effectively to its needs.

Most of all, he was happy again with loads more energy and driven by his passion and a strong sense of purpose and self-belief.


When we started coaching together Regina was stuck in a scarcity mindset, and was worrying about how to pay her taxes. She had some limiting beliefs about money and abundance and worried that wouldn’t be able to afford her own house. 

She had low self-confidence and didn’t believe she deserved to be financially abundant and successful, unless she was working extremely hard. This was keeping her stuck and she wasn’t taking action on making her divorce coaching business a reality and she didn’t have a clear idea of how to do that. 

She was overweight and battling with a life-long sugar addiction.

Soon after starting she got diagnosis of diabetes with high out of control blood sugar levels.

Less than one year later Regina had expanded her abundance consciousness and radically changed her beliefs about money and her self-worth. She had purchased the house of her dreams: the penthouse in the new city that she is relocating to.

She had successfully ditched a lifelong sugar addiction and completely reversed the diabetes diagnosis through diet changes and losing weight. She empowered herself in doing so, and felt unstoppable, knowing that she could do anything. 

Her self-confidence had massively improved and that then gave her the strength and determination to launch her second business as a divorce coach to complement her work as a divorce lawyer. She is loving her new coaching business, helping women with the emotional and psychological challenges of divorce, and empowering them.

She discovered exactly the right clothes and colours that suited her and her new shape, and started loving and respecting her body. 

She has fully embraced her spiritual journey and began consciously applying the Laws of the Universe on a daily basis. Her new-found self-love allowed her to know her worth in her new relationship, establish her boundaries and to be creating the relationship she wanted with exactly the man she wanted.


When we started coaching together Lila had very low self confidence and no self-worth after 20 years as a Jehova Witness life and was still feeling traumatized. Those 20 years had left her with a low sense of deserving, and little hope for the future. She had also had an accident and really felt all was lost. At 71 she thought she was just too old to have dreams.

Despite her struggles, she had a lifelong dream of becoming a children's best-selling children's author that had been sitting in the drawer all those years. sadly, she had pretty much abandoned her spiritual connection and healing gifts.

6 months later Lila had really turned her life around and was feeling much more confident and deserving. She got her brain properly into gear, changed her perspective and started viewing things in a completely different way.  She began meditating regularly and practicising mindfulness. She had aslo reconnected with her healing gifts and was helping people.

She had rediscovered her very strong spiritual connection and discovered the joy of inspired writing and applying the laws of the universe. She soon wrote her first 2 books, finding the perfect publisher to publish them.

She had bought a new car and expanded her abundance consciousness. She had lost weight, changed her look, and felt amazing. 

Most of all, she had new-found hope for the future and the self-belief to go with it.  She realized it's never too late to dream and make that dream come true, fulfilling her soul mission. 

2 years later she has achieved her dream and has written a ten book series 'The Magical Adventures With Granny', with 3 books already published and the fourth adventure due for release 2 weeks later. She has also written 4 stand alone books, 3 of which were Amazon #1 best sellers. Her fifth stand alone book was due out in 1 month.

She is thoroughly enjoying life, loving her writing, doing radio and magazine interviews and book readings. She has overcome her challenges in putting herself out there with her promotional work, and is feeling immensily proud of what she’s achieved.


When we started coaching together Nicole’s self-confidence and self-belief were low. She was putting everyone else’s needs before her own, saying yes to many things she really wanted to say no to.  

She would often sacrifice the things she wanted to do for her, and had scheduled in, to put other people’s needs always before her own. She was not prioritizing her well-being, happiness, health, and personal growth. 

She wasn’t exercising regularly, her sleep and eating schedule was taken over by her work. She wasn’t meditating or grounding, and she hadn’t started her spiritual journey. She was also getting distracted a lot, and didn’t have a clear idea about how she wanted to develop her business and create her future.  

Her sleep schedule was taken over by her work and she would often eat very late. She was not feeling healthy, with disordered eating, grabbing snacking between sessions, some eating habits that were not supporting her health, energy, business and motherhood goals. On top of which, she was a caffeine addict, also adding a lot of sugary syrups to her coffees.

Less than one year later Nicole was full of energy, laser-focused on achieving her goals and manifesting her dream. She was prioritizing her personal and professional goals, putting herself first and making time for what is important for her.

She knows her self-worth and is confident in her ability to manifest her biggest desire. She is thriving in her business, and full of creative ideas for how to expand it to bring in more of the things she is passionate about helping others with. 

She has fully embraced her spiritual journey and really took to heart the spiritual principles. She is deliberately and consciously creating her reality and fully aware of her power. She learned how to raise her vibration and choose non-resistant, good-feeling thoughts.

She’s grounding every day and noticing the benefits. She is feeling happy and more confident in herself. She turned vegan, full of energy and enthusiasm for her new nutrition plan and consistently losing weight.

She’s meditating every day, journaling every evening, and visualizing her future self.  She’s also documenting her maternity journey to help others with similar struggles. 



To create a world where people are free to thrive and empower them by shifting their internal belief system, energy, and confidence so that they can boost their enjoyment of life, unleash their full potential, and step into their power as the deliberate creators of their reality. 


There is no greater gift than to feel grounded, full of energy, and live your best life.  

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