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I am passionate about using neuroscience-backed tools, mindfulness, thought management, and deliberate creation techniques coaching to help high achievers get out of their own way and create the life they want.

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If you need transformational 1-on-1 coaching or group coaching, we have what you need to grow. Find the program that best meets your needs to unleash your potential and fast-track your results.

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Let's get on a call to understand what's blocking you from success & wellbeing, and create a simple, yet effective strategy to get you where you want to be. 

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Founders & CEOs


You Are The Obstacle to Your Company's Full Potential

You have spent your youth and your health to build your business and a successful career. And now you are reaching the limits of what you can achieve with external struggle. The key to achieving your true potential lies in becoming the greatest version of yourself. This starts with the deep inner work you need to transform.

Professional CEOs


The Success Of Your Company Depends On You

You were born to lead other people. That's why you are the CEO of your company. And you understand the pressure and responsibility of this unique position. And everything depends on you. Your performance and your leadership. But if you have reached the limits of what you can achieve on the outside, if's time to look at the potential that resides inside of you.



Your Business Is a Reflection Of Your Inner World

The way you show up in your business is the way you are showing up in your life - whether you know it or not. If you aren't happy with the way your business is going, it's time to look inside yourself to get the feedback you need to effect change. This starts with your mindset and identifying your blocks, creating better habits, and embodying your full potential.



Stefano M.
Founder and CEO of Social Vision Plc

"Tracy is a tireless Coach. Very professional, proactive and able to put you at ease, to bring out the best in you. She is attentive and scrupulous, and her sensitivity were, together with a highly effective method, largely what allowed me to achieve the results I arrived at. It shook me up and helped me on a difficult path to manage my stress in a far more effective way and change my relationship to stress. The coaching also motivated me, and enabled me to change my weak points into strong points. Her openness and dedication to others are values that I have found in very few people"

Gary M.
Founder and CEO of Nirvana Hair Boutique

"Tracy has been an amazing coach and has helped reduce my personal stress by helping me create and consolidate the right habits to increase my mental and physical stamina throughout the day. She has also reduced my business stress by helping me finalize some hard decisions. Tracy asked great questions to have me take action right now, kept me accountable to my weekly goals and overall plan of action, and helped me achieve some big breakthroughs. I am extremely happy with Tracy as a coach and as much more: she is also an encourager, a cheerleader, a counselor, an accountability partner and a strategist."

Tim H.
Owner of Tim Hack Coaching

"The knowledge and skills she brings to the coaching session is impressive. She asked the questions that allowed me to examine in detail my purpose, my motivation, and my execution. Tracy was always supportive, and she would challenge me when she sensed I might be dodging an issue. It is this balance that allowed me to gain awareness and to move forward. Her gentle approach allowed me to be vulnerable in our sessions and be truly honest with myself. Without that trust she established I know I wouldn’t have been able to explore past the superficial. I heartily recommend Tracy as a coach. I know she can do for you what she did for me"

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FREE Grounded Living to Thrive Session


In this session, we will:

  • Define your current situation to understand what is blocking you from success and wellbeing.

  • Create your ultimate vision of what you want and who you want to become.

  • Build a simple, yet effective strategy, so you can achieve your full potential and create an extraordinary, grounded, and magical life.  

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